Sunday, November 29, 2009

Yeah, You Get Props Over Here

~noticed some extra hits coming up on one of my Fairtilizer mixes, so did some quick google research super-sleuthing and found the link above...looks like a great blog, filled with the same sort of musical/cultural fun stuff I love to post...also, noticed this....

~looks like a great London. But noticed they put my "Cumbia Int'l" on their mixtape, so BIG UPS to them cats for that...

"Fftang is a rum-fuelled safari through the clubs of the Tropics and beyond, exploring mutating party rhythms and culture-sound-clashes. Brazilian dubstep meets Middle Eastern mambo? Swedish hip hop over Congolese speed disco? Boundaries are melting and genres breed as worlds collide.

This week we're proud to have DJ IZEM from our favourite radio station GROOVALIZACION with us. In between delivering his monthly podcasts the Dublin based DJ and producer has played all over the globe, blazing up such musical hotspots as Recife, Casablanca, Valencia, Paris, Buenos-Aires and for tonight Matthew - Brick Lane.

Expect a global beat inferno taking in cumbia, samba, reggae, hip-hop and scorching tropical-meets-western-grooves mashups.

Joining him will be Huskiii (afro/latin/traditional-regional-music fused with b-boy beats and bastard bass) and musicians Captain Trumpet (brass) and Paolo (percussion) on jamming duty.

FREE ENTRY and 2 bottles of beer for a fiver until 8:30pm."

The FFtang crew have also been so kind as to run a feature promoting The 13th Tribe & VOCA movements on their outstanding blog.If u cant make it along to 93 Feet East to witness the aural delights live and direct then u can still sample the juice from afar-their mixes are already the stuff of legend on the 13t ipod.

grab the Fftang Mixtape 02 here

check this track list !!!

Totó la Momposina – El Porro Magangueleño
Super Sonido Changorama – La Suave Cumbia De
Kinfolk Kia Shine – So Krispy (cumbianativo remix)
Sonido Del Principe – Boom Boom
Balkan Beatbox – Red Bula (bbb remix)
Dunkelbunt – Dunkelbunt Rocks da Funky Beats
Hernan Builes – Chela (sneaky p remix)
DJ Avatar – Cumbia Int’l Mas Cultura Prod.
DJ Rage – La Companera (remix)
Tupolev Sound Crash – Green Curry Cumbia (facon darcyr remix)
De Leve – Cão Fudido
Palov & Mishkin – Ouist Atou
Willie Colón – Che Che Cole
Joe Cuba Sextet – Bang Bang
Rye Rye ft. MIA – Bang (prince of ballard remix)
Riot Kid – Shalom
Amadou & Mariam – Sabali (uproot andy remix)
Paulinho Pinheiro – Merengue Rebita (dj dolores rmx)
G.Rag und die Landlerg’schwister – Schorschl Take 3 (Isartaler Ghettoschützen Schlachthofbronx remix)
Grandpamini – Pégalé
Os Mutantes – Bat Macumba
Som Tres – Take it Easy my Brother Charle

nice playlist!! next time Im in London (lol) I'll be sure to swing by

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