Sunday, June 27, 2010

Salsa Funk

~some mellow, yet funky salsa stuff from Azuquita...I could groove to this kinda stuff all day

~on the funky tip...I need this on LP/mp3...holler at me if ur holding :)

~a classic cut from Ray Barretto--Cocinando live, feelin this...

Monday, June 7, 2010

Que pasa en Chile?

~been feelin this track since I first heard it a couple weeks back; really diggin her flow, the spanish horns, the whole package...hopefully she'll find her way back into Austin soon...

another artist from Chile, Cholita Sounds aka Purdy Rocks--I actually posted her Soundcloud track 'Marachai Serpiente' a few weeks back...she was kind enough to send me some new tracks and they are really great...her sound reminds me of a cross between some 80s nu-wave/synth (think Nico,but much better!) and some more modern sounding electro-clash...check this one here....

INDIECITA Purdy Rocks aka Cholita Sound by Cholita Sound/Purdy Rocks