Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Soundcloud Heaters cont.

~so my computer that houses all my work is on the protools access these days, so I figured what better way to cope with this loss than to listen to music and shine some light on a couple tracks I'm some may know, I'm into a wide range of music--from the hardest gangsta rap/geto tek bass bangers, to sublimely-chilled lounge---If I feel it and it makes my head nod, its all good. With that, heres a few more for the headz....

MC Bener One ft. Charley Chico - Mami Muevelo (Moombahton) by djtranzo
~this is straight-up club banger material here...the bass bangs like it should, and the lyrics are directed right at those scantily-clad females that came to get they groove on...look beyond the slight misogyny and see this track for what it is...a dancefloor filler.

Dj Javier Estrada - Ciclon by djjavierestrada
~this guy has been droppin' gems consistently now for some seems every time I log in to SC, Javier has a new banger uploaded...well today is no exception. 'Ciclon' starts out like a simple edit then transforms into some monstrous dubstepped-audio carnage with some raverton-cumbiaton elements...add some horns and a few breakdowns and you're like WTF!! Seriously, I want a copy of this to play the next time someone asks me for Latin music...sure, comin right up.

Cabeza! 036 - Black Mandingo - Black Rockin Beats - 2011 by Cabeza!
~I loved this the minute I heard Kris Parker--aka KrsOne-talkin in the intro...I grew up on old skool hiphop, so you know....the homie Cherman drops this nice cumbia and others for the always excellent Cabeza label...check it here

Monday, March 28, 2011

Soundcloud Heaters of the Month

~this one here is just dripping with that late 60s era psychedelic South American sound...Os Mutantes meets Arthur Verocai?? Whatever the case, I'm lovin the slow, hypnotic groove...perfect for the early set...available on Ubiquity records here.

The Echocentrics - "Esclavo Y Amo" by Ubiquity Records

~as some might have realized by now, I'm quite enamored with the North African sound...DJ Badre comes through with a solid remix of this rather obscure track...don't know a whole lot about Fnaire, but I'll definitely be looking forward to hearing more from them soon.

~wow! such a killer tune by Cream taken to a whole 'nutha level by sultry soulstress Spanky Wilson...I cant say I've heard the original, but dj ken walker gets love for dropping this gem on the soundcloud massive...killer tune!
Sunshine Of Your Love - Spanky Wilson - Ken At Work Pyschadelic Extension Dimension by djkenwalker

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Lets talk Latin Funk

~one of my favorite blogs, Musica del Alma, has posted his top 5 latin funk tracks of all time...a herculean task no doubt. Some great tunes posted in there!! Check his site, as he is always posting some really great and obscure tunes.

So, of course, I started to think of my own top Latin Funk tunes. Its a rather difficult exercise, yet I think Ive managed to come up with at least a top 3. So here they are.

~this tune is just plain incredible in so many ways...the drums, the chanting, the ill breakdown, etc...b-boy fodder for the dancefloor indeed!

~this one here first popped up on my 'Y Chile Verde' mix back in 2006. Its off an LP by Alma Tropical entitled "La Sangre Caliente'...Ive seen a couple of tracks of theirs comped before, so this isnt any great new discovery...anyhow, its a Latin Funk banger of the highest order...check it!


~okay, I'll admit it, I'm showing my Texas bias...hey, this record was practically cut in my backyard...whatever, its a great tune that slays the party every time...and these guys just performed last week at SXSW, so check em out if possible.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Keepin' it Ol' Skool--the Tribe Vibe

Uncontacted Amazon Tribe: First ever aerial footage from Survival International on Vimeo.

~i cant imagine what the members of this tribe must be thinking at the sight of this; its the equivalent of an alien spaceship flying over the downtown of any given city then flying away...lets be honest here, its only a matter of time before contact is made and the tribe is introduced to other 'worlds'. Perhaps thats not such a bad thing--if we can learn from them and they can learn from us. On second thought, just let them be...we have little to teach them anyhow.

~damn, this album was so fresh...wore the print off the cassette tape on this one.

"...war is not the answer; war has never been the answer." Fela kuti