Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Soundcloud Heaters cont.

~so my computer that houses all my work is on the protools access these days, so I figured what better way to cope with this loss than to listen to music and shine some light on a couple tracks I'm some may know, I'm into a wide range of music--from the hardest gangsta rap/geto tek bass bangers, to sublimely-chilled lounge---If I feel it and it makes my head nod, its all good. With that, heres a few more for the headz....

MC Bener One ft. Charley Chico - Mami Muevelo (Moombahton) by djtranzo
~this is straight-up club banger material here...the bass bangs like it should, and the lyrics are directed right at those scantily-clad females that came to get they groove on...look beyond the slight misogyny and see this track for what it is...a dancefloor filler.

Dj Javier Estrada - Ciclon by djjavierestrada
~this guy has been droppin' gems consistently now for some seems every time I log in to SC, Javier has a new banger uploaded...well today is no exception. 'Ciclon' starts out like a simple edit then transforms into some monstrous dubstepped-audio carnage with some raverton-cumbiaton elements...add some horns and a few breakdowns and you're like WTF!! Seriously, I want a copy of this to play the next time someone asks me for Latin music...sure, comin right up.

Cabeza! 036 - Black Mandingo - Black Rockin Beats - 2011 by Cabeza!
~I loved this the minute I heard Kris Parker--aka KrsOne-talkin in the intro...I grew up on old skool hiphop, so you know....the homie Cherman drops this nice cumbia and others for the always excellent Cabeza label...check it here

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