Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Soundcloud Heaters!!

~been busy working on new tracks as of late, so hadn't had much time to post...just finished a remix of Chulita by Cholita can check it out here...I'm also working on a remix of Cherman's latest track, Borne Basstard for the Cabeza Caballito label...I'm havin fun makin it, hopefully will be done soon...okay, time to share a few heaters.


~this track features BILLY GOULD OF FAITH NO MORE, ULISES LOZANO FROM KINKY AND ARTWORK JAMAL, kickin some really soulful/bluesy vocals over a cumbia beat...some guitar licks and I think I hear an organ too...yeah, dont look at me for precise terminology and insightful description...but I know a great song when I hear video to boot.

Sabbo & Ori Shochat - Shine & Cris by Sabbo

~Im a sucker for reggae vocals over bangin beats...add some DMX and Missy vocal drops and its a wrap...this was a no-brainer instant fave for me...if you cant make it to the islands this summer, bring the islands to you.

Cumbiaton ep minimix by DJ DICE (CHICAGO)

~Chi-city native DJ DIce hittin the massive with a preview of his Cumbiaton EP...lovin the intro on this...hey yo, turn off the radio, turn off that bullshit! this minimix soundin lovely...jump on it.

Whats golden? (remix) by djtzinas

~like I just said, I'm a sucker for that island flavor...DJ Tzinas brings the J5 crew and puts them over some Jamaican rock steady funk...add a few lazers and backspin effects, and its official...downloads expired but looks like Bandcamp still good.

~last but not least, gotta send some blog-love to dj umb and the generation bass crew! these dudes are relentless in their pursuit of the latest and freshest sounds coming from every conceivable corner of the globe...their latest release is sounding like they're taking charge and leading the phalanx vanguard of the global fusion massive...peep the video for starters and check the links for more info...

Generation Bass Presents MoomBaH - EP Series Volume 1. from Videomit on Vimeo.