Sunday, November 8, 2009



years ago, i was listening to a local community sponsored station that features a variety of music from virtually every walk of life...this was back in 2000, and the show i was listening to featured music from the Middle the time i was not very familiar with any of the music, so it was refreshing to hear some music that was new and, dare i say, "exotic" to the ears...well, before long this song came on and i immediately stopped doing whatever else i was doing at the time and listened, actually i probably pushed 'record' on the tape deck as that was the norm for me in those days---anyhow, the song, as i discoverd after calling the station and speaking with the dj, was by none other than the legendary Fairuz...

In some ways i mark this point as the beginning of my interest in music from the Mediterranean/Middle East, as i took very little interest in it prior to this encounter. perhaps this was the song that played...its been a while and i dont recall; she has so many great songs, it couldve been any number of them really

Fairuz--Sa Alony El Nas

a short time later, i made a track of my own and used a sample of her voice from a different song in the track...i think it was a fitting homage.

DJ Avatar--Dreams of the East

heres another great song of hers

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