Monday, November 23, 2009

La Kmbia Kontinental

La Kmbia Kontinental by Pernett

~received this in the soundcloud dropbox the other day...from Pernett in Colombia...really feelin this cut...check his blog too...I get the feeling that big things are goin down in Colombia and much of South/Latin America these days...something on the verge of an all out musical explosion...dont say I didnt warn you.....

cool psychedelic video w/ some funny moments--the dancing Bin Laden!! too much...

from his blog:
By Toto González
Vuelve Pernett, with a hand full of tricks and a track selection that can be described as his best work yet. A true artist that follow his instincts and his roots taking it to a next level and presenting them to the world in a release called “El Mago”.

The style can be described as a new generation “Folklore” Colombiano going deep and most important, studying the mastermind behind this sounds like “Toto La Momposina”, “Joe Arroyo”, "Batata" or “Petrona Martinez” to name a few. 10 tracks well layered and organized in a way that you can listen to the whole CD non-stop and not skip a track. “La Kmbia Del Sol” opens as a welcome, almost like a ritual to the good spirits of cumbia with positive lyrics that can take you to a full moon breezy beach en el caribe. “Ponte Firme” blends the typical “tambora” sounds with the usual Pernett signature of electronic beats and synth that can be delighted on different tracks like “El Mago” and the part II of “La Rumba Bacana”, which I select as my favorite track at the moment. “La Vida No Es Pa Llorar” resembles the good spirit and the optimism from the beautiful people of the pacific. “Fantasia Tropical” has a great string section that combines, once again, the classic with the autoctonal.
This is a CD that will travel in time making Pernett a pioneer and fearless Latin-American producer.

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