Wednesday, November 11, 2009

dj hannibal drops some remixes on me


ive been postin too much on my damn self already...anyone got some music--or any other artistic venture--they wanna share, do feel free to hit me up...otherwise....ill keep sharing whatever i come across...k?

seriously, if it wasnt for this dude i probably never wouldve gone out and bought some turntables...honestly, i felt compelled to go out and get some tables b/c i couldnt hang out at his spot all nite/every nite practicin on his...

anyhow, for those that dont know, this cat has been makin some of the illest remixes/blends/smasups, whateva u wanna call em, for some time now...Spoon v. Gorilla Zoe, Three Six Mafia v. Benny Benassi....the Britney Spears v. Marilyn Manson...damn, i could go heres a couple more he was kind enough to lace me with....

MJ-Smooth criminal (hannibal rmx)


Ice Cube-It was a Good Day (hannibal rmx)

that bassline on the MJ track is crazy...definitely flips the vibe on it...the Cube refix is like some smooth, souled-out funk bizness...some slow rolling funk that just oozes out the speakers, plus Cube's voice fits the beat like a fresh pair of sneaks...

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