Friday, November 13, 2009

Bebel Gilberto feat Mark Ronson--The Real Thing

now, Ive been a fan of Bebel Gilberto since day one...her lovely, sultry vocals over electro-samba and bossa nova beats just made for some great sunday morning music to cook pancakes and sip coffee when i came across this track, i was glad to see shes teamed up with Mark Ronson, whose soulful r&b funk productions hearken back to the sounds of the 70s...Brasilian Funk?? yes please...

Well, what we get is closer to any Amy Winehouse track w/ Bebel taking Amy's place. Gone are the Brasilian rhythms and instrumentation of her native country, with Ronson's funk-based sound replacing them....and rather than sing in Portuguese, Bebel opts to sing in English...Portuguese is far more gentle on the ears, plus it sounds so SEXY coming from a woman's voice...its a good track and will do well Im sure, but I miss the old Bebel sound that transported me to the beaches of Brasil.

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