Monday, November 2, 2009

PsychRock__Shocking Blue


im still learnin the ropes of the whole psych genre...once you get into it, and you realize how deep the rabbit whole goes, you can feel a bit overwhelmed...hence, new discoveries lurk upon the horizon...

one of my first psych discoveries was this lil' gem i found on 45 whilst diggin one day...these cats are Dutch, i believe, and on another level as far as im concerned

hot sand--shocking blue

this is the same band that Nirvana covered for their 'Love Buzz' single off one of their first releases on SubPop...the self-titled album is fantastic and actually is not too hard to get a hold of


  1. I don't know what happended but you know that this is Raw Fusion - Put you hands in the air. right?

  2. about through w/ divshare...too many problems...fixed it so should be ok now...thnx