Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bellydance Music

Sabaya Bellydance

so, at home the other nite and i toss an old bellydance cd from one of the nites i dj'ed for the Sabaya girls. my 10 yr old stepdaughter hears the music and comes in the room--midrift exposed--like some professional bellydancer who has been honing her craft for years. she literally wont stop dancing and keeps playing the same song over and over again.......take a listen.

i was getting a kick out of her, cuz usually shes not so thrilled with my obscure selections. however, shes now looking to sign up for beginner classes, so look out....heres another song i really dig...sorry i dont know the artists names here...

i love the music myself, obviously or i wouldnt have been playing it. it seems the arabic influence is slowly creeping into other genres--hiphop, dancehall, etc...American youth are spoonfed boy bands and sub-par musical acts, while radio kneels to the interests of the few and powerful...huge cultural barriers separate us from the music the rest of the world enjoys and experiences. there are attempts to keep us isolated from this music...keep radio dull, repetitive and utterly uninspiring...ok, u get the point......dig the music for now


  1. That's awesome. Check out my podcast on my website/insturction page/music podcast She is welcome to join my class anytime!