Saturday, January 23, 2010

Psychedelic Tejano--Latin Breed

~these guys put out several albums on Manny Guerra's GCP label out of San Antonio, Tx...I havent heard all of em, but this one seems to be the one thats in demand. The stand out cuts are 'Maranatha,'where the band lets the funk roots fly; some groovy basslines, and a few open breaks make it a staple in the Funk crates.

A couple other tracks are of interest here as well, to me at least. "It Keeps You Runnin' is the sleeper joint--a soulful, laidback track with a long intro for seamless blending. A lil somethin different for the early set. Also check out "Cuando de Canses de Llorar,' which is perhaps the most experimental track off the album--it starts off with some psych-ish grooves then jumps into a more traditional polka groove--midway through the song, though, the bass guitarist drops a jazz riff, then cuts back to the beat

~these are high quality wav files, not mp3s!!
It Keeps You Runnin


  1. hi! the files are set to private on mediafire, could you sort me out, please? I'm crazy after Maranatha - secret weapon! hit me at thanks

  2. hi i would love to have this album can i download it?