Sunday, January 3, 2010

A New Year~A New Look

~ended up djing a New Years Eve gig after all...the dj booth at the spot has a poster of Selena hanging up on the wall; the place used to be a Tejano bar and the new owners havent bothered to take it down...I kinda dig it. Damn she wouldve been huge--so beautiful and talented...such a tragedy...RIP Selena

...the nite was fun and people kept dancing---a few annoying drunks talmbout "whats your favorite song ever?" (fyi: most djs are busy tryin to work and have little time to answer such questions--please save them for later)... The highlight for me was at the end of the nite dropping all my favorite reggae selections...the drunks were too drunk to care or notice and all the real heads were feelin the irie vibes....

-not really a roots/reggae riddim...but fiyah nonetheless

Sabbo-Far To Go Feat.Little X by Sabbo

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