Friday, August 10, 2012

An Afro-Moombah beat

~I've been working on this beat for a while going nowhere as sometimes is the case. Then I got a hold of some moombah sample pack, dropped it in the mix and voila, it came to life. If anyone out there on the interwebs has access to another moombah sample pack replete with drum loops and such, do share. Thanks!
In other news, the flyer for next weeks Tropicana in San Fran was sent to me. Really looking forward to spending a few days in the Bay Area and escaping the infernal conditions of Central Texas...not to mention dropping some Tropical beats. I've got a few cumbia edits I've been working on that may get posted to SC once I get back...we'll see. One in particular, I'm hoping, should get the party jumping.

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